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About Grace Christian Fellowship


Grace Christian Fellowship is an independent, Holy Spirit filled, Bible based church meeting in Norwich, Norfolk. We are a lively church, which is seeking to preach and practice the 'full gospel' of Jesus Christ.

GCF is a small church, which is very much a family. We believe in loving and supporting our church members. All our church services include preaching or teaching from the Bible, together with lively praise and worship. All are welcome.

GCF is meeting at Saints Events Venue, 217 Yarmouth Road, Norwich, NR7 0SQ for its Sunday services. The services are at 11.00am every Sunday morning. (Up until 27.09.20, GCF met at St Edmunds Church, Fishergate, Norwich.)

At each service we sing a selection of songs. We sing because it is a way of expressing what we believe and a reflection of the joy and gratitude we have towards God, for His working in our lives.

At the beginning and end of each service we pray, to respect the fact that God is amongst us. We may also pray together in the service for needs we have, or some people may feel they want to express a prayer of personal thanksgiving. There is often an opportunity to share a personal testimony.

When we come together we will read some passages from the Bible. This reminds us of what God has done and shows us what he will do. The Word is important so that we know how to live our lives in a way that is pleasing to God. We therefore think it is important to both read it and respect it.

When we meet on a Sunday, a portion of the service is given over to preaching or teaching. It generally lasts about 30 minutes and in it we learn about how to live our lives, overcome difficulties, and know God in a deeper way.

At every service we take up a collection. This is to pay for the rent of the building and the financial needs of the church. No one is obliged to give anything if they cannot, or do not want to. We feel that to give something back to God is also a good way to say thank you for all the things that we are blessed with every day.

We also take a charity collection once a month, which is used to support our India charity, or various local charities.

On the first Sunday of the month we take communion together, to celebrate the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, until he returns. Maranatha!

Grace Christian Fellowship also supports the Hope School and Children’s Home in Andhra Pradesh, India. The school and children’s home are run by Reverend Nicky Smith and her husband Pastor Samuel Zion.

In 2007 GCF raised the money for Nicky and Samuel to buy a piece of land and build the school and children’s home. Nicky and Samuel also run a Bible School on the land and have built their own house, where they now live with their two children David and Angela.

Pastor Samuel also oversees fourteen small churches in the Andhra Pradesh area and supports the teaching and training of pastors within the churches, helping provide for many aspects of their life.

Prior to moving to India and getting married in 2007, Nicky Smith was the minister of Grace Christian Fellowship for over ten years, before leaving it in the hands of an eldership.

Grace Christian Fellowship is a registered charity, which operates under the name of Hope Community Trust, charity number 1000798. For more information please contact us via our email address

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