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Nicky Smith Bible Studies

The following studies are taken from Bible teaching sessions by Nicky Smith.

Nicky Smith was a minister of Grace Christian Fellowship for over 20 years.

She is now living in Andhra Pradesh, India, where she and her husband Pastor Samuel Zion run a school, children's home and Bible School. Nicky and Samuel visit the Uk every year and Nicky regularly preaches 'live from India' at GCF.

'Repairing the Gates' - Rev Nicky (Smith) Eatalapaka
The book of Nehemiah deals with the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem on Israel's return from captivity.This study looks at the gates of Jerusalem and how they illustrate salvation and the blessings available to us in Christ. 

'The Shadow of the Almighty' - Rev Nicky (Smith) Eatalapaka
As the scripture says, 'I sat down under His shadow.' (Song of Solomon 2v3) When we choose Christ, we come to dwell in a place where His reality is constantly seen and felt. This study discusses the fact that God's shadow over our lives is the proof of His reality.

'A Picture of Israel and The Church' - Rev Nicky (Smith) Eatalapaka
This study compares and contrasts Israel and The Church as seen in the two brides of Jacob - Rachel and Leah. 

'Nabal and Abigail' - Rev Nicky (Smith) Eatalapaka
Responsibility comes with whatever we may receive in this life.   With both spiritual blessings and also wealth and material blessing, come the responsibility of handling them and using them wisely. We can learn an important lesson through studying the differing attitudes of Nabal and Abigail. 

'Can Disaster Be the Will of God?' - Rev Nicky (Smith) Eatalapaka


Audio Bible Studies by Nicky Smith

(There is some interferance on the first two tracts)

The Holy Spirit and Revival Part 1 - Nicky Smith
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The Holy Spirit and Revival Part 2 - Nicky Smith
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Nicky Smith 

'Deborah's Address' - Judges Ch 4

Deborah's Address - Nicky Smith
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